the italian way of life

La Dolce Vita 'The Sweet Life', is a life full of pleasure and indulgence. Envying the simple, yet rich life in Italy, is nothing new.

The desire to embrace Italian life is a passion for many people. As a race, they are more civilized, sociable, sensible and healthier than we are. They are very traditional in their ways and lead an extremely laid back lifestyle with afternoon siesta's & evening apperativo's!

Italians have a saying, "Dolce fa niete" - It's sweet to do nothing. And you to, will have no trouble in relaxing and taking life at a slower pace. You really are left with little choice living amongst the local way of life!

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Welcome to Casa Varenna - a newly refurbished town house, located in the center of the old town only 30m from the lake front.

Located in the heart of Varenna and within walking distance of the trattorias, osterias, restaurants & bars directly in the center of Varenna and just 30m up from the lakeside!

Casa Varenna is a bright mustard coloured house, standing proudly on a corner of Via Pirelli, one of the many Roman cobbled lanes that spring upward from the lake and which was named after Giovanni Battista Pirelli, born 1848 in Varenna, who started a small rubber factory - the rest is history!

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varenna & lake como

Varenna has to be the most beautiful towns on Lake Como. Historically preserved by generations of Italian families who have cherished their enviable location for centuries.

When I first set eyes on the lakeside town of Varenna, I really couldn't believe that somewhere could be so well preserved, so beautiful, so quaint; where time has stood still and all the more enchanting for it - it's a really magical place and somewhere that I can guarantee, will imprint itself in your hearts forever.

Live the life ~ Viva la vita!


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